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Not understanding logic behind EvilPortal


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Help me understand the logic of this highly acclaimed module here.

1) Where do you configure the SSID of the AP in this module? Cannot find it anywhere? 

2) What happens after the user enters their credentials? Does the portal disappear and allow them to connect and browse? (no, see below)

3) This seems designed for public capture, there are no custom captive portals for home routers, for example, like Fluxion which has 70+ in multiple languages?

Am I missing something or this some rookie captive portal stuff here?

Where is the customization?


#1 - done under Network Management, ok, fine.

#2 - you're offering a user Free WiFi, asking for their credentials and then showing them THIS in a courier font:

"You have not been authorized."

- for real? Yeah, this isn't suspect.

The Captive should simply CLOSE OUT and let them browse the web thinking they authenticated. Who thought of this "you have not been authorized" nonsense craziest thing I've seen - LOL.

This thing also works 50% of the time, crazy buggy and poorly integrated within the UI of the Pineapple Dashboard. Happy to help and contribute to the project but basics like this make no sense.

Finally, there should be a basic WINDOW/UI in the EvilPortal section that shows the contents of what you captured. User shouldn't have to open a shell to get this. If we're gonna be playing in the shell, might as well use Fluxion which has 100x more control over everything. Just an FYI. Show the capture.



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all these modules including EP are 3rd party modules and going from MK5 to MK6 this module was completely redesigned.  This not fluxion because its not for script kiddies to just run and get results, if you want a specific portal, make it.  I dont disagree that some of the functionality is off but if you can make it better.... why bitch about, help the developer.  These guys take time out there own busy schedules to help make these and are not paid by hak5 nor are any of the modules supported by hak5. 

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