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Packet Squirrel No Access Strange LED Code


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I have a Packet squirrel that I have not used in about 5 months. I picked it back up and tried to get it running and I am unable to access it in arming mode. Fails on arming mode boot.

Green Fast Blink
Green Slow Blink
Green Solid
Cyan Solid
Red Slow Blink

I have attempted to recover the firmware by the recovery site and that has even ended in a Red Slow Blink. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you re-format the USB at all? I know I had a ton of problems when I first got it. I think it took me a day and a half just to update the firmware. (due to difficulties with the USB) however, I have not tried updating anything since. 

Question: Do you know what version it was running?

The red blink = Error reading USB disk

1. Firmware Recovery

2. Manual Upgrade

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