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Saving Radio Config..not happening


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Hi guys-

Say, I'm just trying to make the nano boot up with the Public WiFi disabled and the management WiFi enabled.

I set it for this, then reset the radios - and use the shutdown from the top right drop-down menu. (back out gracefully)

It always re-boots with the management WiFi disabled and the public WiFi enabled.

Whats up with that?  Thanks!


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I have personally not seen that issue but I don't have much experience with the nano.  You may do a firmware recovery and test it.  If that is successful do an upgrade back to 2.6.2 and test.

This will help figure out if it is maybe due to a bad firmware upgrade.

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I did one already to make sure I had a good upgrade. I think it is just a code issue.

Normally, there is something you can do to make the broken feature work correctly.

You refine your procedure so the bad stuff doesn't happen. Wanted to be able to fire-up

Occupineapple without needing to use the laptop...I'll keep trying.


Tnx- Bob

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We don't support disabling of the public accessible AP. If you really really want to, editing /etc/config/wireless and adding 

option disabled '1'

to the iface block for the public access point will prevent it from coming up.

Note that doing this will break other functionality on the device, such as PineAP and then some other tools.

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