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Is there a device (maybe MITM) to get computers MAC address?


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I need to get a computers MAC address without logging into it, as the place I am testing uses sticky MAC and I would like to connect my own device but with a cloned MAC of an already authorized MAC address. I see there are implants for sale that do mitm and pcap captures, but that’s overkill for what I am looking for. 

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Correct but without knowing the Mac to spoof, I am SOL. I was looking into installing some router software on a pi that can collect the mac of devices plugged into it. But that only seems to be available for wireless devices. 

I also just picked up the shark jack so I will see what it can do. 

Some suggestions I have seen is setup a DHCP server or do wireshark/pcap and try to see the mac in the traffic 

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OK, I know this thread is getting full of grayish hair since it's old, but I still want to respond since it can help someone else in the community that is doing some searching in the future.

Using a Raspberry Pi to hand out DHCP leases isn't limited to wireless only, but will of course work with wired communication as well. The media/carrier isn't any obstacle here. I use it in different scenarios and my "go to" friend when doing this is dnsmasq. It's easy to set up using a fresh Raspberry Pi OS Lite installation and then just add dnsmasq (plus the configuration needed that comes with it). With that setup you will see the leases handed out in /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases that also contains client device MAC addresses.

The Shark Jack is also possible to use if in possession of such a device. I have a payload that does the same (ish) on my GitHub repo.


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