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Samsung S9 locked Bash Bunny payload needed ?


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I'm trying to recover my Samsung S9 since I locked myself out of the password, Wiping it is not worth losing my data. Forgot my password and never registered w/ Samsung... Any advice someone on what payload to use with the Bunny, just updated firmware 1.6 plus I have the USB cable to connect to my phone? I setup the fingerprint with no issues but when I restarted the phone it asked for the password which I forgot. Do I use a brute force payload ? ty...

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Bruteforcing hasn't really been effective since many major Android versions ago (bad attempts eventually adds on to the lock-out time).

These days, user data on Android devices is encrypted with either full-disk or file-based encryption. When booting up and reaching the lock screen, you need to enter the pin or password to decrypt that data with the information you provided (hence why biometrics cannot be used at that stage). This means, unless you can figure out the correct code.. well.. just hope that Google helped out with backups.

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