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C2 run as a service


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What do you mean "no way to get C2 to run as a service"? It's no different than any other executable. Setting it to run as a service will depend on your OS.

On Windows you probably want to use sc.exe

On Linux you've got a variety of options, be it rc.local, crontab, init.d, systemctl - it really just depends on your environment.

I'm sure there's a similar option for MacOS – but I've never used it as a server.

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On 10/22/2019 at 11:48 PM, jcpolo said:

I remember playing with this when it first came out and we decided to not use it going forward because there was no way to get c2 to run as a service or after a reboot of the machine. Has that been remedied?

I use immortal from https://immortal.run/

Make an immortaldir script and your service will never die and is autostarted when the server comes online. 

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