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First Pentesting job?


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I am looking to purchase a piece of equipment for my first pentesting job but I can't decide what to buy?

Any suggestions of the best overall tool? I.e something with a lot of functionality that can also be used to practice on at home easily.

Many thanks

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Your question is similar to asking what tool you should buy for your first mechanics job.

Despite that, my answer would be not to buy anything, almost anything you'll need is open source. Grab Kali and look at all that is included with it.

And if by job, you mean you are looking for a paying gig, please don't, you need a lot of skill to do a good job in testing. Build your experience up first, look for a junior job with a testing firm and learn with them. If you go out without enough skill to do a job properly, you can end up giving a client a false sense of security and could cause a lot of problems. Back to the first analogy, you wouldn't act as a mechanic and change someones brakes if you'd never held a screwdriver before.

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