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How to know if phone is being hacked.


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Hi, I want to say sorry for last post. That won't happen again. I'm only looking for help for who is doing me and my family wrong here. 

I have had some weird things happen to me in last 45 days. I had someone apply for a loan for me using my SS#, posted adds on Craigslist, hacked my email receiving like 2000 emails or more and had my phones camera light come on my cell phone. Is there away to know if someone is hacking my phone, laptop and/or email.


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Your SSN has probably been leaked by some company along with various other bits of data about you including password.

If you reuse passwords then the password would allow access to any of your services.

Your phone light coming on is probably just you hitting a button by accident.

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Is there an app I can use to check and make sure I'm not being monitored? 

No, the 8 10 time the camera lite came on then off. I was 15 ft from where I charge it.

I change my passwords like every month or so. 

I had email hacked like 8 months ago too do that's why I change and I make them hard ones too. 

Oh ya, same time, that hacked me phone got my bank account info and took like $640 out of my account with a ATM card in 2 location in 10 min. 

So my question is, can I do a scan on my phone or computer to make sure I'm not being hack or monitored? 


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If they've got money from the ATM, tell the bank, they'll be able to check cameras and things like that.

If you aren't technical then not much you can easily do. There will be loads of apps that will claim things, don't know if I'd trust any of them.

For your passwords, pick something long and unique for every account, you don't need to rotate regularly, that just makes you use easy to remember it predict passwords. And if someone can monitor you changing our using them, changing them doesn't make and difference.

Sounds like you are just unlucky.

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