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An Easy to Build UMPC for Hacking


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A Raspberry-pi handheld platform with a physical keyboard, Display and Expansion header for custom baords (Like Ardinuo Shield).

First take a look at this in 3D using  AutoDesk Fusion 360 Online.

I made a UMPC that is open and it can help other geeks like me to do there tasks.
Please help me out to reach as many people as possible.
There is no money or censorship, nothing related to money at all. All parts are free to make and licensed with GPLv3.




Now see some key features.

  • It is fully open-source hardware. So you can hack it as you wish.
  • You can make your expansion-card like gps, Radio etc and attach them.
  • You can use any Raspberry-pi form factor like  / PINE H64 Model B/ Banana Pi BPI-M4B etc. You can use Pi zero to 3.
  • You can acess all the ports of the pi and the back part is attached with 4 screw.
  • It can hold a 4" or 3.5" touch screen. Also have a physical keyboard attached via USB.
  • It don't need any custom image of Raspbian. You can use vanila Raspbian and install the LCD driver, that's it.
  • So little parts needed to make one. See the parts_list .

Here is the website https://mutantc.gitlab.io/
and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbU1bjAwaDnZZvXIBHzUXuQ?view_as=subscriber


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