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Data recovery and backup -Best linux distro?


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Most data recovery i run into is with pictures.

Ive lost photos of my kids on three occasions before i setup my own cloud desktop running raid5 and 3 hard drives minimum. Even to pretect from spontaneous situations like the weather may cause incredible spikes. I install a over current protection device on my desktop circuit.

On a live USB, I have Linux Mint and Kali on a few USB devices. If you need to install recovery software it will only take a second to have what ever you need from a live os. `Apt-cache search File | grep recovery`

I also like to search my Repository for keyword searches. Example above


There are live operating systems designed for file recovery. they offer the same tools kali may already have or already exist in the repo.


Do the research and decide what tool suits your needs, Google Linux file recovery tools. That's your first place to start. Then document here what you did and how you did it. What tools you used and how you installed them or what operating system you use.


It's almost like writing yourself an instructional tutorial, for when 5 years down the road, you have to perform these procedures again.


That's how I learneded everything I know.



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systemrescuecd <--- has all the tools you need for data recovery (http://www.system-rescue-cd.org/) Can install additional tools from the repository. Can boot from CD and USB. I recently used it to recover photos from a dying hard drive using systemrescuecd.

UBCD <- another good option for data recovery tools (https://www.ultimatebootcd.com/)


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