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Lets DB Differently (Neo4j)


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Anyone played with Graph Databases before?  My first time was last year sometime when I starting using Bloodhound AD.  Was so impressed I read up on them and watched several videos on them and cypher text.

I suggest those who like DBs take a look at Neo4j.  GraphDBs are REAL relational DBs.  They do not work unless there are relationships.  No way around it unless you want lists.  For my learning I took a Kismet DB and import/converted it into Neo4j.  Now I can graphically see what BSSID (APs) have what ssids, what client BSSIDs (I know they might be spoofed) AP SSIDs are probed for, encryption, etc as Node/Edge graph.


Also using an example from Bloodhound AD I made a new Powershell script to query my customers' AD environments for users, groups, memberships and share/file access levels to shares.  Now I get a graph of user group memberships and share access and can query the graph path of any entity I imported.

It is a change from tabular looking stuff but if you like tabular, it can output as tabular or even custom json.  The graph part is really just how it queries the data..by following the relationships.  To see the graph in your custom app, you will have to build it yourself.  D3.js can do it for websites.  Vis.js uses D3 and is even better suited for it (well less boilerplate and configs to get going).

Only local app I seen was Bloodhound AD and they use Electron so they use the above libraries for the graphing part.



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