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signal owl problem


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Attack mode is meant to be headless, which is why Arming mode brings up the AP and enables the SSH server.

That said, if you take a look at the wifi-connect payload, it has a line commented out to enable the SSH server once it's connected as a client to your access point - so that's one means of getting a shell on the device while in arming mode. You'd just need to nmap the network to find its IP address.

Alternatively, the ssh-up-blink script I just published to the Shark Jack repo could probably be ported with very little modification (LED would need to be changed to R instead of C but otherwise its straight bash) 

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4 hours ago, Darren Kitchen said:



另外,我刚刚发布到Shark Jack repo的ssh-up-blink脚本可能只做了很少的修改就可以移植(LED需要更改为R而不是C,否则需要直接修改) 

When signal owl is in arming mode, I observe that the ssh server is also connected to my internet access point as a client and assigned an ip address, but why can't I access it via this ip address?

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