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Issues with Client Connections and Probes via Recon


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Hello everyone,

I recently decided to make the jump and purchase myself a Wifi Pineapple Nano. I received it last week. Ever since the day I received it in the mail, I have had nothing but problems trying to get the device up and running. My main goal was to get the device updated, configured to bridge a wifi connection from wlan2, via the RT5370 mini wifi adapter, and then be able to get clients to connect to the device. So far I have only been able to accomplish two of those goals. I first updated my nano to the latest firmware 2.6.1. After doing so the wlan2 adapter was no longer recognized. I then used the wiki to downgrade the nano with the nano_recovery.bin file. I was then put on 2.4.0. This firmware allowed me to use the wlan2 interface successfully, and connect to wifi. Now this is were my main issue arose. I have been unable to successfully get clients to connect to my pineapple. I started with running a recon scan and added my test PC to the whitelisted MAC address to have it connect to the nano. After running the scan I have been unable to check the device for probes to even populate the SSID pool. As a temporary workaround, I just added the SSID that the device was currently connected to. From here I would allow associations and enable the PineAP. I would then go back to the recon page and deauth the test PC from the network. Watching the PC's screen myself I would see it disconnect, but then reconnect back to the original wifi connection and not the nano.

I have gone through the forums, the official wiki, websites from Google searches, and updated and downgraded the firmware many times (2.4.0, 2.5.4, 2.6.0, and 2.6.1). All of this has been in error. Is there anything I am missing? I was also trying to figure out what would be the most stable firmware to run in doing all of this. If I could get some guidance on were to go from here that would be greatly appreciated.

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