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Modules not appearing in the GUI


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Good morning, Hak5 people.

I've had a WiFi Pineapple Nano for about three years now, and was asked last night to give a demo of it to a bunch of potential banking customers. Sounded like a great opportunity.

I fired it up, updated over the air to the latest firmware (2.6.1) and all seems to be going well.

Go to grab a few modules - I'm thinking DNSMasq and Evil Portal will probably be enough to scare the money out of some London bankers during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so those will do.

Evil Portal installs and appears. So far, so good. It doesn't work, but it's often flaky so I'll work on that later.

Download DNSMasqSpoof. It doesn't appear in the GUI. Odd. I look for it to install, and it's not there. Huh. Fire up SSH, go look in /sd/modules ... and there's DNSMasqSpoof, with all the scripts. And a module.html file.

Power down the Nano, remove the SD card (probably this isn't it, but it's an old habit from when there was a bug in the firmware around SD card mounting), put the SD card back in, boot back up in a clean boot, fire up an incognito window because sometimes web cache interferes with the Nano...no dice. Still nothing in the GUI.

Fire up Firefox to test on a different browser to Chrome. Clear the cache and all data. The GUI looks properly broken now, with only the bell and the gear appearing.

Download Opera. Try that. DNSMasq now appears in the list of modules to install, but the action buttons don't appear.

Try Safari. DNSMasq is still on the list of modules to install; press the "install" button, get the dialogue to install it to SD card, it appears to complete but no modules then appear in the GUI. It's still there on disk in the right place.

This feels to me as though something might be wrong with the Nano's GUI, and it's not picking up this module, although it picks up EvilPortal which is installed in the same directory.

Anyone seen this? More importantly, anyone figured out how to fix it or workaround it?

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Alright, so searching for errors in logs, and come across this - not in an error, but at login to the ssh terminal:

Your JFFS2-partition seems full and overlayfs is mounted read-only.
Please try to remove files from /overlay/upper/... and reboot!

This looks like a likely culprit - if the root filesystem is in read-only mode, then it won't be able to add modules.

But, since flashing, I've added only Evil Portal. And that has me scratching my head. What else could be in here? It surely doesn't fill at a single module.

What can I delete from this directory? Is there a reasonable document that describes the contents so I can better search for the cause of the issue?

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Okay, so I started traversing /overlay/upper

What is this? I already have lots of this on the /sd card, and didn't explicitly write it here, so I'm confused as to what /overlay/upper is. These aren't symlinks. They are...additional copies of things I installed?

Some of them are old.

Deleted a bunch of old Evil Portals, about 3.7MB worth, and have rebooted. I'll see what happens.

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After clearing out some of those old files in /overlay/upper, my modules appeared in the GUI.

Can anyone tell me what /overlay/upper is? What is the overlay system? What is this for? Why does it have copies of things? How do I manage it so this doesn't happen again?

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