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Access to advance Fb search + seeing all private profile pictures any ideas?


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I'm trying to find a way to do advance search on FB and insagram to beable to see listed all accounts of people form particular country, age, gender, relationship status, interests,

also beeing able to view private pictures.

Due to so called 'privacy' rules of FB and instagram, and them banning all advance searcher apps , canceling (imperfect anyway) fb graph search and making everything fakely private  - to make more money on adds - its imposible to find anyone , even lost or old firends.

Im trying to find 2 particular people with no result.

Any idea how to do advance search and access profile or posted pictures like few years ago - to find someone and veryfy if this is he person.

Fb employees of course can acess to that.

Any idea? working advance search? Script? Way to get acess to that - without breaking to fb/instagram servers (witch is nearly imposible knowing that from long time they have bouties for hackers that will track bugs in code making it almost perfect) Soon fb will be fort knox.



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