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Houston, we have a problem. Recently we bought a Pineapple Nano for a Demo ("faked" captive portals and the danger behind it), but *NOT* all modules can be used nor installed.

Especially sslspit is offered, but after a click to the "Install" button, only an eternal displayed "Installing" is shown, nothing else is happening.

Yes, there is already the current firmware used, and no, with ssh, "opkg install sslsplit" will not do anything useful, too.

This happens also similar with the nmap module (but this is a different story, because nmap can be used with the command line after that, but the GUI is missing), and with many other modules.

Should I try to use an older firmware ? What should I do to get sslsplit up and running ? I have no clue how to solve the dependencies problem if I am using opkg instead, because I've also seen that not all things go well even with opkg, and it's a lot more effort to search for the needed and dependant libraries/packages manually.



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