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Bunny stops working after 30 mn use


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Hi everyone. I had a bunny that i used until exhaustion and NEVER gave me a problem. But like all things it died and i got a new one. The problem is that on this new one, every time im working with it for about 30 mn (windows or linux), between plug ins and out, it just stops working for some hours (usually about 8) in both arming or attack mode and then return to normal. When i plug it in and its going to stop it just gives me a solid green light, at these stage when i unplug it and plug back in i can see the its detected  at kernel level but it doesn't show up anywhere else and i can't do anything with it. I find this behavior vert strange, anyone has any ideas on what might be happening?

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sorry for delay in reply, have been a bit absent. yes the operation is normal during the time it works, i had the previous one for 2 years and something, but initial use was not heavy compared to now. About the temperature, its a bit hot but not hotter than the previous one used to get. Any toughs?

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oh and about what im doing with it, i test some payloads that i make but this happens even when i don't use any payloads, its just about the time i think, maybe has to do with the temperature, but with the previous one this didn't happen, that's why its strange.

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