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Metasploit - how to use it?


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Hello everybody,


I'm a proud owner of the Bash Bunny.

Well, I read recently that there was an update. So the BB is capable of running metasploit.


But now: How do I use it?


Besides: I've seen a video where somebody pluged in the BB and almost instantly there was a Linux Terminal, running from BB.

Is THIS possible and if, how can I do that?

It would be really great if somebody could do a step by step tutorial.

Because I'm wondering if it's possible to run Kali Linux (especially meterpreter) instantly from the BB?


I'm a neewbie, but I would like to learn, with the help of you guys, how to run with the full potential of the BB.

Thanks in advance.

Mister Darren Kitchen you are invited,too, to join this thread.


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For starters, BB been had the compatibility to run MSF. The update just made it simpler to install, as I've had it running already for at least over a year now lol.

Run Kali on BB? No.

Step-by-step tutorial? why? I don't see a point into making a tutorial as all it's literally doing is running an automated script that you would manually type on a keyboard to get a shell if vulnerable. 🤷‍♂️

Linux terminal on BB instantly? ssh.


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Also learning how metasploit works will help you understand how the Bash Bunny uses it for payloads.  Metasploit payloads have to be setup for the target system as different systems have different vulnerabilities.

Meterpreter is the connection console that payloads successfully ran against target systems connect back to.  This would not be ran on the Bash Bunny.

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