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Antennas and custom enclosures


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After learning a bit more about CAD-software from Cap_Sig, I'm making some nice progress learning FreeCAD and designing an enclosure to house several different types of dongles (RTL-SDR Blog V3 R820T2 RTL2832U, AWUS 036AC and SENA UD100). The next part is antennas. I'm building a set for sniffing wireless signals like wifi probe requests. So I don't need to transmit, just receive. At first I was thinking about mounting them on the outside, but I came across adhesive flat antennas. 

If I mount these adhesive antennas on the inside of the case, how well could they work? Has anyone tried that before? I usually see antennas mounted on the outside, so was wondering if this idea is gonna work.

What would be the reception/range and can anyone recommend good dual band antennas to be used with the aforementioned dongles?



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Post a link to the ones you are looking at in particular.  Most likely there performance wont be as good as external omni antennas but that really depends on what kind of range you are looking to get.

Each device will act a little different as well depending on the frequency band.  All the wifi devices is pretty straight forward but the SDR has a wide range of possible frequencies.

If you have some antennas in mind post links here to them.


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