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i used to always use dvdshrink and still do to copy disk 2 disk (just basic backups)

but seeing i have a pmp (portable/personal-media-player) i like to put my dvd's on there and used to rip em and convert em but seeing i became lazy i'm now useing #1 DVD ripper (pay4software tho -> http://www.dvdtox.com/dvd_ripper.htm ) wich on the fly while ripping the disk converts it to divx .... (options to include subtitles , choose different audiotracks, only rip specific chapters etc obviously still available ....

o and it can also remove those annoying black boxes , and crop etc ...

just check their site ...

did i mention the program's only 1.8 Mb total ?

the last one guarantee's to even work on the latest sony disks (click etc ...)

so do they have a new/adjusted/added sceme ontheir latest dvd titles aswell ?

well here's their list of wotever ...

What make #1 DVD Ripper so outstanding and popular?

Powerful capability

* Supports Ripping CSS(Content Scrambling System) protected DVD movies.

* Removes region protection(Region-free) and Macrovision Protection.

* Rips SONY ARccOS protected DVD movies(only one in the world).



* Copy DVD to DivX, AVI, XviD.

* Copy DVD to WMV.

* Crop settings for removing black bar of DVD movie.

Easy to use

* Quick setting panel lets you choose subtitle,audio track,output formatfor each task in the list easily.

* Automatically select main movie after loading DVD.

* One click designing, load DVD and hit start.

Incredible Output Quality

* Built-in 2-pass encoding ensures the best output quality.

* Always keep Audio/Video synchronization .


* Specify different output format for each task.

* Converts entire movie.

* Converts each chapter to an individual file.

* Convert any part of a chapter or movie.

* Remove unwanted subtitles and audio tracks.

* Splits output file to specified size or use Built-in bitrate calculator for specifying target file size.

* Play back while ripping, so that you can see which part of the movie is being processed.

* Supports MP3 or PCM audio or disable audio in avi format.

* Automatically shut down the computer when done.

Super fast conversion speed

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i tried mubix and Famicoman answers but didn't work i don't know why. DLSS's # 1 ripper says that it rips SONY ARccOS protected DVD movies(only one in the world) so i'll try that and tell you guys how it goes. thanks all


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