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Firmware 2.6.1 Module Statuses


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To help keep a log of the status on modules for firmware 2.6.1 firmware please report only working status or issues found with install module and dependencies.  To keep it clean do not as for support on install modules here, but do so on there corresponding threads.

I think the easiest way to update the status of any previous reported module is quote the last status update on that module with any new found information.

I personally plan to start testing modules later this weekend.


Quick Overview:

  • DWall v 1.3 - Installed > Untested
  • ettercap v 1.6 - Not Working
  • urlsnarf v 1.9 - Updated > Working
  • SSLsplit - Working > Special Install Setup https://forums.hak5.org/topic/50063-sslsplit-working-on-latest-firmware-26x/
  • EvilPortal v 3.2 - Working
  • WPS v 1.7 - Not Working
  • Occupineapple v 1.7 - Working
  • HackRF v 1.4 - Not Working
  • SiteSurvey v 1.6 - Working
  • nmap v 1.8 - Working
  • DNSspoof v 1.7 -Updated > Working
  • Deauth v 1.7 - Not Working
  • Responder v 1.2 - Installed > Untested
  • LogManager v 1.4 - Working
  • DNSmasq v 1.2 - Not Working
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3 hours ago, Cap_Sig said:

WPS v 1.7 - Installed > Dependencies Installed > Will Enable Monitor Mode >Scans Working >  Attack Functionality Untested

The Attack is broken in the wps.sh script "MYCMD=`cat /tmp/wps.run`" Bully and Reaver install fine. so it fails on the webpage.

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10 minutes ago, Predator said:

FW: 2.6.2

SiteSurvey v 1.6
When trying to capture handshakes it never stops aireplay-ng and airodump-ng, they will run forever even when canceled from GUI and block everything else until reboot of the Pineapple

Thanks for the info.  I have not tested it since 2.6.1 firmware release.  I will take a look at this and update the status 👍

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