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Cheap Computer Parts (Europe)


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well i usually buy my parts in germany & holland

just cos the best & newer parts are barely findable (is that a word?) over here ...

and taxes over there are lower ... (taxes on computer-parts in belgium = 21% holland 16% if i'm not mistaking , donnu bout germany)

well maby shops over here just rip u off but i had a list of parts i wanted and went to a shop over here and the total was over €3500 (tho that was including a monitor & speakers i didnt want)

then i checked out some vendors in holland and had the same parts for little over €2000 + shipping ...

altho i really dont like their service i must advise alternate.nl for the price ...

(i complain bout the service cos the 1st mobo they sent me was borked and didnt give a peep while this dhould have been checked they even shipped a little checklist with it that it was checked WTF ?? but €9 of telephone costs and shipping and 2.5 weeks l8er got the decent mobo)

also their siteshop suxx cos it only displays correctly in IE and barkes all over firefox. / *EDIT* nevermind it seems they fixed that by now

and to the uk ppl comon u usually have verry decent prices why would u go to budget sites like overclockers etc ? i kno from others their service is shit to nonexistent and its worth paying that little more for some decent service @your local pc shop i would if i could but prices over here are just too high

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microdirect.com has cheap parts, but be weary of the customer support, they would not accept my motherboard back when i had a 1 year guarantee on it but meh, they said i didn't check it within 8 days for problems (i didn't have a processor to test it with duh) so im a bit annoyed with em, especially as it was a £150 asus p5w dh deluxe board.

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