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Pipe Pineapple Output to Wireshark


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I followed the video below to setup a pipe from the Pineapple  to Wireshark:


However, in the video, they are using br-lan as the interface they are piping into Wireshark. I know the Pineapple Tetra has two wifi cards in it, is this the interface that "joins" them together into one virtual interface or something? Also, when I do a scan of the area with recon, this interface shows nothing when piped into Wireshark. Instead I have to  use the wlan1mon interface to see any traffic. But is the wlan1mon interface capturing the traffic from both wifi cards? Or is only 1 card used during recon?

I checked documentation I had and couldn't find a breakdown of what each interface represents, and when each interface is used (both wifi cards or just one during recon, etc...). Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!




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wlan0 is used for connection and management APs 

wlan1 is used for monitor mode.  So in your case, using wlan1mon (interface set to monitor mode) you are seeing traffic.  For a wireless interface to work for monitoring it has to be set into monitor mode.  

Both interfaces from a command line can be set as you please but you will loose management AP if you switch wlan0 to monitor mode.  This would require you to have hard wire connection to the tetra.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the info. 

So what are the interfaces wlan0-1 and wlan2 used for? I see them in the listed interfaces of the Pineapple Tetra. I just want to make sure I understand the inner workings of the Pineapple as best I can, so I can employ it more effectively.



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