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Can't find SD Card, doesn't generate Reports, fails send email test

MAC Jaeger

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I recently bought a WiFi Pineapple Tetra and started playing with it.  I'm having a few issues that I need a bit of guidance in.  I set it up.  It scans, it's also connected to my LAN via ethernet.  It receives the news bulletins and I can ssh into it so I know it's connected.  I can update patches and it pulls data from wifi scans, load modules and dependencies.

However... The reporting log shows multiple repeats of these two errors:

2019-09-10-19:00: Failed to save to SD card - no SD card found
2019-09-10-19:19: Failed to send email to email@address.com (this isn't the real address)
The second error is result of my trying to send a test email to my mail server on same subnet as eth interface.  Default route set and DNS reloaded.

1.  Keeps claiming it can't write to SD card.  Is there an SD card?  There's no access to it in the web interface and it's not mounted in /mnt and there doesn't appear to be a dev/sd* device either.  FAQs don't show an SD card installed or even optional so I'm a bit confused. 

2.  May be related to 1 but I can't generate any reports.  There are no reports in /root which it claims is the default directory it writes to. 

3.  Can't email reports.  When I configure test, it doesn't seem to work.  Can't find log of email in syslog or mail.log and can't find the MTA logs on Tetra.  Also neither my firewall or MTA can see the email being received or rejected in their logs.  Which interface does it use for mail output?  Default route?  I have the default route setup on my internal network via ethernet.  I can get updates and news from Hak5 on Dashboard and I can SSH into the box so I know I'm connected.  Am I just generating reports wrong and that prevents the email from being sent, even with test, or is it trying to write to SD card, or something else?  I've tried the email server config with mailserver name and IP using ports 25 and 587.


Any push in the right direction would be appreciated.


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OK, I've made some progress.  In my previous post, I forgot to mention that I was running the latest version of the firmware (2.6.1). Once I did a firmware recovery and went back to vs 2.4.1 things started working.  I was able to send emails, but it still squawks about not having an SD card. 

I'm still having trouble getting reports to generate in /root.  They do come to me by email though.  But when I check the save copy in /root option, and SSH into root, the reports aren't there.  Is there another root directory it could be storing these?  Can it both send by mail and store or one or the other? Or is it either or?  What am I missing here?

Also, I'm noticing that it can't find my mail server by name, only IP address.  If it's hooked up to eth0 WAN via RJ45 and getting a DHCP address, wouldn't it also pull the DNS info too and use my nameserver?  Or, do I just need to enter it in the /etc/hosts file?

Thanks for your help.


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