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Portable Kali-Pi


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2 hours ago, Bob123 said:

This is awesome!  I like your two builds.  Do you have a pi zero?  Curious how all this would work on a zero vs the pi3.  I have both but I also have a small battery which might be better suited for the zero. 


Yes, I am actually working on a Pi Zero project.  I hope to have more info up about it soon. Not much around the web about running kismet on a pi zero but plan to do testing soon for a future build that is very small package.

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Sweet yeah keep me posted on the Pi Zero project.  I'd actually like to build something that does at least two things.  I'd like it to display what wifi is around and then when I'm connected to a wifi I'd like it to display who's on the network.  I have ideas how to do that but I guess what I'm hoping for is either a touch screen or a couple of push buttons and then just a nice text screen maybe OLED that will just allow me to scroll through my findings.  So I'll just start with your awesome build and go from there.  😁

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Sounds interesting!

Keep me posted on any work you do.  When you say "see who is on the network" you mean the whole network?  Like all clients wired and wireless or just wireless clients connected to that AP?

Would be neat to do with a pi zero w and OLED display to keep the device small as possible.

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