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Device to alert to skimmers


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Hello Everyone,

I have been dabbling in hacking for a long time. One thing that has always interested me is security. We used to try to hack into places that we worked at just so we could see any holes in our firewalls and security and plug them. That was called being reckless back then, now you can get paid to do it....anyway

I have been on a few trips and always have had a security in mind with card readers on gas pumps, atm's, etc....

The on that I am wondering about is a device that can detect someone trying to read your card as they pass you say on the street, on a train, in a casino...you get the point...They have the ability to walk past you and scan your wallet and things from a backpack, fanny pack (yes still see those out there) and other means that you would never know they were trying to steal your info.

My question is this...Is there a device I can build on my own using a HC-05 or something along those lines that can alert me to someone trying to do this that I can wear on me and make a audible sound to alert me to someone trying to steal my info or others? I am creating a device to help me and family with gas pump skimmers

Gas Pump Skimmer Scanner Build

And yes I have found the apps you can use on your phone like skimmer scanner and Skim Plus, but don't want to have the phone running on that all the time while walking around. Just curious if there is something I can build like that gas pump skimmer above that would run off a batter pack in my pocket that would give me a audible tone or lights to let me know someone was trying to hack me or people around me? Or is there a device already out there that can do this?

Just a person who wants to 'Stay safe out there' ....anyone remember that line?

Thanks for any input or info you can give. It is appreciated.


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