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is the AWUS036ACH (RTL8812AU) wireless adapter compatible?

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I've recently purchased a signal owl and have had some success just using the internal 2.4GHz radio.

However I'd now like to step things up and use my AWUS036ACH (RTL8812AU) however I'm not sure how to set this adapter up as an interface (I'm new to OpenWRT).

Currently the device shows up in lsusb as expected however it does not appear if I run ip addr or ifconfig.


What's the process for setting up an adapter up in OpenWRT?

Is this particular adapter supported? Do I need to install a driver?


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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I am also interested to know.

I know with other devices it struggles, installing drivers for the 8812au chip is a big pain, there's a few ways to do it but none of them ever worked for me when I tried it, e.g. when I tried to use it for Kali.

You can try doing a normal driver install for it, treating the Owl as a normal OpenWRT device and doing it that way but I have my doubts. Might be easier just to step back a generation and use 802.11b/g/n.

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