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Alfa awus036acs support for rt8812au driver


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I'm very new to this and purchased a alfa awus036acs wireless card with Hope to use it with my nano but it's not recognized without drivers I got it working on kali using rt8812au driver but I cant figure out how to install the drivers on the pineapple if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it I have tried searching the forums here and also googling for an answer with no luck yet.  Thanks

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i may try to compile this on my nano as well as i do have a AWUS036ACH card that uses the same driver . Once you understand the devices current limitations with drivers and whatnot, i'm sure many could agree, if working on a nano it would allow us to do both 2.4ghz and 5ghz testing . The only limitation I could see after the fact would be nano's avail memory and processing speed .

I havent SSH into the nano yet, and also am not familiar with its os other than doing some SSH work on my Linksys 3200ACM with DD-WRT. Which I believe should be simillar. Ive installed Aircrack-ng tools on my own router (Linksys3200ACM) just for shits N Giggles and a learning experience. I was able to use the routers hardware via airserv-ng over a network connection. This allowed any device to just run commands using hardware not even installed on it but on another device over the network specifically . I dont see why we couldnt dream up these possibilities and try them out on the nano in many differant ways 🙂

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