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i need help with my nano its giveing me an error


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i was following your video Using Portal Auth, Evil Portal, Papers, and Cursed Screech to access systems

when i got to the point in the video when i needed to use PortalAuth when i put in the website link and hit clone it gives me the folloing error.

i have a wifipineapple nano the moduals are on an external sd card and have the latest wifi pine apple firmware also im doing this on windows os so if i have to get some thing from github 

some one needs to explain to me how to go through with the whole thing and add it to my moduals on the wifi pineapple

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/portalclone.py", line 4, in from PortalCloner import PortalCloner File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/PortalCloner.py", line 12, in import requests File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/__init__.py", line 53, in from .packages.urllib3.contrib import pyopenssl File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/packages/__init__.py", line 63, in load_module __import__(name) File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/packages/urllib3/__init__.py", line 10, in from .connectionpool import ( File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/packages/urllib3/connectionpool.py", line 37, in from .request import RequestMethods File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/packages/urllib3/request.py", line 6, in from .filepost import encode_multipart_formdata File "/sd/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/packages/urllib3/filepost.py", line 10, in writer = codecs.lookup('utf-8')[3] LookupError: unknown encoding: utf-8


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