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kali linux pyrit nvidia gpu issue


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I have a problem with pyrit detecting my nvidia gpu on my kali linux machine.

I have the latest kali linux (as of 28/08/2019) and i successfuly installed nvidia drivers without any errors.

This is the guide i used:

and it work - no errors at all.

Now when i want to use my gpu in pyrit it is not detected at all. I even changed the config file for pyrit to allow cuda

when i enter in a terminal:

python -c 'from cpyrit import _cpyrit_cuda'

i get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: cannot import name _cpyrit_cuda

please help, i have no idea how to fix this and after days on searching the internet i was unable to find anything


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I cant exactly provide a answer. This error has popped on me a few times, once while 24 hours of cracking has already been done. I do have a suggestion.


I have a bootable kali linux usb stick with all the propper drivers installed for both my desktop and my labtop. I cloned a backup and when i need to crack i just boot up. I found the NVidia-cuda-version.deb file through trial and error and once i had a stable system clone a backup of everything


I love pyrit, i love the cluster options. I can clone my usb stick and build a cluster very quick.


But, pyrit had its issues and i now use hashcat. Its quicker and has a lot more features like a proper recovery system.

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