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No video output; potential protection built-in?


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This isn't necessarily specific to the Screen Crab, but because I'm trying to use one when I came across this issue, I figured I'd post here. 

I'm trying to implant the Screen Crab inline between a networked device's motherboard and touch screen. Regardless of whether I use the Screen Crab or another capture device (or even just hook the device directly to a standard PC monitor), I don't get any output from the source. I've verified that the HDMI cables I'm using work fine, as everything is operational if I replace the cables in the device with my own standard cable, but if I try to connect any screen or capture card to the motherboard's HDMI out (besides the networked device's screen), I simply get zero output. 

Are there any protections for HDMI or video output (besides standard HDCP) that would be interfering with the capture/display on alternative monitor? Or perhaps some kind of alternative encoding approach that would be specific to the motherboard and built in screen (or maybe different region settings or something)? I'm not a video person, so forgive me if some of what I've theorized is nonsense. Any input would be much appreciated! 



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