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Pineapple NANO used in “close access cyber operation” against OPCW


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Hi everyone,

Since I haven’t found any reference concerning this matter in the forum, I thought it would be of interest for you to point out that in April 2018 members of the Russian GRU used a WiFi Pineapple Nano during a “close access cyber operation” against OPCW.

An article, as well as the official (unclassified) slides published by the Dutch Ministry of Defense can be accessed by following the links below.

Article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/04/visual-guide-how-dutch-intelligence-thwarted-a-russian-hacking-operation

Slides: https://english.defensie.nl/binaries/defence/documents/publications/2018/10/04/gru-close-access-cyber-operation-against-opcw/ppt+pressconference+ENGLISH+DEF.pdf



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