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Connection LanTurtle - C2


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Hi everyone!

I set up a C2 on my VPS behind a reverse Proxy. 
I can access the Webinterface on https without any Problems and also made a device.config for my LanTurtle.

The only thing is - the LT does not connect to that server. But I can See lots of https-traffic originating the LT running towards the VPS.
I used this string to start the process:

./c2_community-linux-64 -hostname c2.domain.tld -reverseProxy -reverseProxyPort 443 -listenip
(Port 8080 / 2022 are not directly accessible from the web, but as I read 2022 is optional for console access through C2)

Initially my LT hat Firmware V5 - no luck. In the release notes I read about Firmware V6 is needed for C2 V2.0 - updated to the new Firmware, still no luck.
Do you have any advice what I should check next?

By the way - in V6 the LT does not start any module in modulemanager.

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