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Using external wifi cards with PineAP


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4 hours ago, 253flo said:

Can I use external wifi cards like an Alfa with PineAP? I would like to use multiple Alfas on PineAP at the same time, I need to stay persistent on multiple channels at once.


Next time please post this in the appropiate pineaple thread: https://forums.hak5.org/forum/64-wifi-pineapple/

The tetra is compatible with several external adapters depending on power demands.  More information as to what you are trying to achieve would help users better answer your question.

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Thanks, I was debating on posting somewhere in there but wasn't exactly sure where this would be most appropriate.

I intend to build an airborne wifi survey system and want to use PineAP as the UI.

For survey of an area, I think I need multiple radios (for 2.4 and 5 respectively) due to the speed of the aircaft, each radio will monitor several channels vice one radio hopping around and would likely miss probes/APs. If I can add 3-4 Alfas to cover down I think I can have good coverage on each channel flying around.

Is PineAP a viable UI and capable interface for this setup?



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