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George W Dickhead


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OK, a funny thing happened yesterday.

In the morning, I read this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/6291229.stm

And I quote: "Energy policy was near the top of the agenda. Mr Bush called for a 20% cut in petrol consumption by 2017."

In the evening I watched this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112346/

Where Michael Douglas made the exact same decision, IN 1995 !

whiskey tango anyone?

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HAHA thats a pretty funny coincidence.

On am ore serious note though NRG concerns, global warming, and ect are important issues, I'm personally more alarmed at this administrations further attempts to diminish, and general attitude toward our rights. Might I add the very rights are boys and girls in Uniform (maybe not the government) are overseas fighting for. A majority of the American public is Blissfully ignorant of this.

Furthermore, As a patriot to this country, I am shocked and disgusted by recent revelations (declassified internal memos, letters, polices, reports, interviews and speeches) of our current administrations general attitude and beliefs in Human and American rights.

I dont want to rant forever on this because I could and am throughly pissed off at the Current state of American Government and Politics atm.

**Live free or Die**

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haha heard that speach on the radio this mornin (909 MW (909693 bbc radio 5 live)). lol hear the way he says "ve-hick-all" LMAO

PS "If we do not succeed we run the risk of failure"

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