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RubberDucky SD card empty


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Hi all


I tried to follow a few tutorials and seems like they all assume the SD card has some file(s) on it, some mentioned inject.bin


It's empty and I downloaded duckencoder.jar but I cannot do anything to inject it.


Where can I download the missing files?


Many thanks

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yes the flash cards come blank you need to make a script and compile it into an inject.bin file and a ducky script text file. if your new to coding and or ducky in general go to Over Here (ducktoolkit.com) there are some basic scripts to choose from that have done all the scripting for you. just download the inject.bin and ducky script to your pc copy them onto the flash card using an sdcard reader. then put the SD card in the ducky and plug it in.

Its the easiest way to start your journey. once you see how others have coded the script it makes a lot more sense and in time you can make your own script using the link provided by Darren above.

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