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Metasploitable3 on Proxmox


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Hi all,


Does anyone have experience with getting a Metasploitable3 VM up and running in Proxmox VE?  I'd prefer not to run VirtualBox if I can avoid it, and Proxmox has been awesome for everything else I've done in a lab environment.


Alternately, is there a package that can be run against a vanilla windows 2008 server and / or ubuntu 14.04 server to set it up as a Metasploitable3 target?



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So maybe not the exact answer your looking for, but you could always create the VM in virtual box and then convert it to proxmox.


But I'm with you, it'd be great to have a vanilla box and run a script on top of it to install everything.  Maybe we can pick apart what they did?  

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19 minutes ago, F0x3nB0x3n said:

I got busy, then I got impatient 😂....installed Virtualbox on a PC, built the 2008 box with Vagrant, took a full system backup of the VM.  Restored Windows backup to a Proxmox Windows 2008 R2 machine.


So far, so good.

Have you used vSphere Hypervisor before?  Just curious because I've been considering switching to Proxmox.  Just wondered how it compared in ease of use and functionality.  Mainly use it for home lab and test system VMs.  One thing I wish was easier in vSphere is copying current VMs for backup/multi installs.  Its not hard but takes more time then feel necessary.  

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