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Hey, so the signal owl is my first hak5 device, so if this is a stupid question, sorry lol

can you have more than one payload, or do I have to try to put everything I want to do in the future in one payload?

also, one thing I want to do is wardriving with the owl, since it supports kismet, can you tell me how I can set that up too?

And I heard you can connect to you devices even when it's on a different network using C2. I have C2 running on my laptop at the house and I was wondering how I would connect to my devices through the internet? For example, if I wanted to do wardriving and I had my owl connected to my hotspot, would I be able to connect to the owl from my house?

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Interesting question, I eventually hope to do some war driving myself with this device however it is very new and version 1.0 so as far as I can tell everyone is still trying to get it to reliably connect and properly work so at this point no one has gotten that far. At least that is, not that I’ve seen post about it. 


 Like I said this is a brand new device just released and I think we are all trying to figure it out however I suspect this is not the correct device to go to war driving  with .  




As you test and discover new capabilities please post and keep us all up-to-date on your progress I’m interested to know how the war driving effort is going… 




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Thanks for the response! I FINALLY figured out how to get a reliable connection through work connect through WiFi connect! I’m just not sure if doing the chmod + did it or looking at the wifi connect extension and changing line 1.... or maybe all of the above! 

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