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Tetra will not accept new firmware. [First boot]


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I am trying to set up my new pineapple and i can not get past the firmware stage.

I un-boxed it and plugged it in with both 12v power and usb into my laptop.  after a while it is sitting on a solid blue LED and i can bring up the setup page on the default IP address. 

however i can not upload the firmware i get the error "The selected upgrade file failed verification. Please check the file and try again."

i have tried with the tetra_factory.bin and upgrade-2.6.0.bin with no luck. 

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Had the same issue over the weekend.  Tried manual upload after factory recovery as well as OTA update.  None worked or would cause issues with PineAP after 2.6 did install.


Finally was successful with 2.6 install by doing a factory recovery, then uploading 2.5.4 firmware via manual install.  After that the OTA install of 2.6 is successful and working correctly.

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