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Bash Bunny Error msg


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Well hello,

So I just received my Bash Bunny in the mail last night, and of course I want to start playing around with it. I've been trying to install Bash Bunny Updater on it but I keep getting an error msg on the Bash Bunny itself stating the following.

Hak5 Bash Bunny Updater v1.1

[!] Error: Could not load the Bash Bunny's firmware version.
[?] Please ensure that this Bunnyupdater is on the root of the Bash Bunny's storage partition.
[?] Note: Alternatively, provide a path using the BUNNYPATH environment variable.
[Press enter to exit]


I am currently running the 1.6_305 version of Bash Bunny, although I should state for the record I am fairly new to all this. What am I doing wrong? Cheers.



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Every piece  of hardware Hak5 makes has it's own section of the forums.

It's best to check there for advice, and post there if you have issues.

You asked about the Bash Bunny


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As said previously in the thread, post Bunny related things in the Bunny section of the forums. And, when you do, provide as much information as possible about your specific scenario to take most guess work out of it all when trying to help to troubleshoot. What Bunny generation are you using? Mk1 or Mk2 or both? What OS is the computer using that you are trying to run bunnyupdater on? What firmware is your Bunny currently on? Any specific error messages or the same that has been posted before? etc...

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