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signal owl and usb hubs


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I was playing around with my hub, and was able to get multiple bluetooth radios working on the owl at the same time. I'd test with a 802.11x NIC, but I don't have one that plays nice with the owl.

This can be great for applications like wardriving, when you want to have multiple cards to reduce channel hopping, as well as a GPS for kismet. With the usb passthrough, you don't even have to give up your phone charger port while powering the owl.

Once I procure a gps module and a few 802.11 cards that actually work, I'll see what I can do about working up an actual payload to take advantage of this. Wallet needs to recover from defcon.


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I was able to connect my ALFA USB Long Range adapter to my Owl and it was recognized.  I don't remember but I think the Owl defaults to the internal antenna but I was able to ifconfig and get information on the ALFA.

I bought the Owl kit and it came with an RT5370 adapter/dongle that you can buy separately at https://shop.hak5.org/collections/wifi-gear/products/ralink-usb-wifi-rt5370

If you're trying for something like I'm thinking you might be 2.4Ghz WiFi does 11 channels so dedicating a dongle to a single channel would be about $66 before tax...

I like to use Anker products so if you go with something like their 14 port USB data hub at https://www.anker.com/products/variant/usb-30-aluminum-14port-hub/68ANHUB-B14A for another $80...  

On that hub there would be room for 3 more devices so if you can get it to work you should be able to put a GPS dongle or ant. onto it. 

You just need to power it.  My car comes with an AC outlet or you could find some kind of battery solution if you wanted to be more portable and mobile on foot or not be completely tethered to a car...

I'd be interested to know if this works or how far anyone gets with this concept/project..


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I was able to mount multiple devices to a standard usb 3.0 4 port hub powered directly from USB (no seperate external power for the hub) the only issue I've run into is that any storage needs to be connected before boot or I cant get it to mount. Something in the boot auto mounts any connected storage during startup. Once its mounted it can be disconnected and reconnected without issue but any new storage devices wont auto mount without rebooting the OWL. I'm looking at adding something to the payload or making a change to the OpenWRT OS to change that.

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