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Default Files w/ Bunnies


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I have been given some Bash Bunnies and have been told to do something with them. I started digging around in them and discovered there is a whole bunch of old files and what-nots. 

What are the default files that come with the Bash Bunnies? I tried Darren Kitchen's method (plug in/pull out, after green led turns off x3) to reset to factory settings, but the files are still there.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,


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@Geesknees - Try to access the BB via SSH or Serial.  If you wish to use SSH (my preferred method) then create a payload.txt file in either the switch1 directory or the switch2 directory and enter this:


Save the file, remove the Bunny and then reinsert it using whichever switch directory you used.


Then ssh into it:

ssh -l root

Password is: hak5bunny


Then run: 'udisk unmount' and then run 'udisk reformat'.  This should remove all of the old files on the user accessable partition.

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