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Nerdfight '07: Wess vs. Darren

Darren Kitchen

Who won?  

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    • Wess
    • Darren

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<Hak5Darren> your invading my turf, punk

<Hak5Wess> step-off mofo!

<Hak5Wess> I can /kick you!

<Hak5Darren> pah-lease you 8bit NT backup operator

<Hak5Wess> you BASH script kiddie!

<Hak5Darren> batch file maker

<Hak5Wess> you 4bit Windows 3.11 network monkey

<Hak5Darren> Trumpet Winsock AOL User!

<Hak5Wess> ooooooo

<Hak5Wess> don't get mad at me because you're part of the tuesday that never ended!

<Hak5Darren> Candyass script kiddie on a 10-T hub

<Hak5Wess> you bull shit, token ring, lan poser!

<Hak5Darren> You mean september that never ended, get your usenet mythology right you wikipedia illiterate lamer

<Hak5Wess> at least I don't think that WP is the knowledge bible

<Hak5Wess> I've got more google-fu in me left nut hair than you do total

<Hak5Darren> you second generation vidcasting wannabe jimbo loving scene whore

<Deaigo> :/

<Hak5Wess> just because you look up to broken floppy as being 1337, doesn't mean you have to take it out on me

<Hak5Darren> I got more skills than your whole crew, don't step to me you'll think i'm in god mode

<Hak5Wess> step to me and get your punk ass pwn'd!

* Tatootian has joined #hak5

<Hak5Darren> StarWars Episode 1-3 lover!

<Hak5Wess> You think it's right that Guido shot first!

<Hak5Darren> No, I think Han was the ONLY to shoot

<Hak5Wess> what's that? you like to shoot your load to han?

<Deaigo> you guys live together right?

<Hak5Darren> Hang on, work calling, gotta put this nerdfight on hold

<Hak5Darren> yeah

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IRC: The only place Darren can fight with wess without having severed tendons.

, broken pwn-bones, missing wess entirely and hitting air/walls.. the list goes on. Yes, the internet tubes is the only place where Darren is safe from brutal self-inflicted punishment.

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