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Did my nano die?

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Ok. Here's the rundown.

I received my nano last month and got it all set up and running on my Windows desktop. Everything was great till I knocked my desktop off of my desk. It remains in pieces.

The nano wasn't involved so no damage. I then got a laptop and an Android, both are running Kali and first I tried the android. I tried both the play store app and the on board connector app. Nothing.

So I tried my laptop and nothing. It doesn't seem to be communicating.

So I tried resetting and a factory reset. Nothing. The closes I got was the factory reset where I was stuck at the update in progress for over an hour and I finally just unplugged it. I have no clue what to do and I was stupid enough to not establish any ssh connection.

Any idea's of what I can do? I only got to use it once.

Will they repair it or anything?

I do have a couple of new Hak5 products on the way so at least they know I'll be a return customer.

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