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Switchblade U3 stable version


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Is there a more stable payload for a u3 switchblade. I want all the features of 1.1 but I don't want "lsass" to come up everytime and restart my computer. Also it doesn't seem to be collecting LM hashes or IM passwords. Is that because of the "isass" error? I have only tried it on my machine so far which is running sp2. I'm kind of a n00b to the hacking scene, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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With SP2 i have found it common for Lsass to crash and fale when attempting an attack on it, If lsass fails whilst in the attack, then the LM's will not be withdrawed from it.

Please note this is not a problem with Switchblade though, it is more to do with PwDump, it has issues ^_^ ive found that 'Cain' is a lot less likely to crash the Lsass (which is odd when early cain was based on PwDump).

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