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Need help with Windows Server 2012 if possible

Elizabeth R Casale

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Hi everyone,

I am dealing with a website on Microsoft-IIS/8.5 (OS: Windows Server 2012). I was sent a module that can be used to execute a payload on IIS servers that have world-writeable directories. The payload is uploaded as an ASP script via a WebDAV PUT request. I loaded it within the Metasploit console:


So I set up 'RHOSTS' with the IP address of the server, and I don't know if there is something else that I must change. When I run the exploit only with the described change, I got an error message saying 'Upload failed on /metasploitblablabla.txt [303 See other]'. I suggest that this is normal because I have not used any payloads. I tried some of them, and the messages were the same. As you may see, I haven't got any experience with this framework, and any help would be appreciated. What am I doing wrong?

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303 Other suggests the server is trying to redirect you.

This may help to understand the error (may not either), 303 Other:


Also, does it have host headers for the IP address?  Or does it need an actual domain instead (e.g. example.com) to point it at the correct virtual directory?



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