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Could Nano be a victim for man in the middle ??


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Hello I have two easy questions and excuse my ignorance

When i run the command line arp -a on cmd windows shows me a different mac address of my Nano , only one letter . why ?

My Nano share internet whit my laptop , and somebody can be in the middle between my laptop and my router , if this is true

how can i discovery that ?

thanks for your answear

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In order for someone to MITM you they MUST be on your network. So log in to your router, usually or some foolishness like that and see who is connected and you can also look at the log files. If you see a device that does not belong to you then the party just started son! Scan the living F out of that joker! Find something juicy 🙂

Myself, I would take note of this jokers mac, deauth him from the network, or just restart the router, but if you want a few cool points, use the deauth module in the nano, but before you do that create a hotspot named the exact same as yours and turn your router off, he should connect back to you and most likely not realize this time the AP is open 🙂

Hopefully at this stage you have some ready to serve Evil Portal pages. You can download ready made pages from github, just google evil portals, don't forget the s. Don't try to put them all on your nano's internal storage though 🙂 

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On 8/3/2019 at 7:44 PM, The-last-one said:

thank you so much everyone, for your time you spend answering my questions, i am a new beginner and it will take a while before i can digest any advice i can get

As a newbie, it might help you to search the forum, as it is packed with great advice and guidance. You can also go to the HAK5 website for more details.

Here is a link for some useful docs https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us

Hope this helps you buddy and happy learning..........

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