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Question Regarding Bettercap on Linux


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I am working on a Alpine Linux based OS, and bettercap is being used to communicate with raspbery Pi devices. Im taking in readings for WiFi signals and their Access Points, as well as GPS Coordinates. I wanted to ask how, if possible, to obtain readings of the gps.show commands to be outputted on to the my own AWS servers, or maybe just a log file that can be accessed and read (from there I could be extracted and outputted to wherever needed). I seen the event sessions go file and the wifi events being created, and noticed there was nothing for GPS, and was wondering if there was a way to input GPS Event sessions, so that gps coordiantes would be displayed there in intervals (via ticker). Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I parsed through the Go code real quick for Bettercap and see there is no output except to the console for gps data.  Not even a rest api for it else I would suggest  building a service in whatever language you want that can hit the rest api of bettercap to query that data on a time interval.  For something like this, kismet might be a better choice.  Setup kismet as sensor on your remote devices that can communicate to a kismet instance that is the server.  Though, I wouldn't shoot that openly across the inet.  Maybe create VPN or SSH tunnels back to server and server it through there?  Have the kismet listener listening on local host only for the ssh tunnel or the private vpn network for vpn tunnel.  You get it. 

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