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Recon, Deauth Not Working Properly


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I haven't used nano in a long time. Today i wanted to try last firmware release but faced with some problems.

Some modules like Evilportal works fine. But;

- Recon can't  detect connected clients. I tried with 2 devices (1 android, 1 ios) but on my target wifi network seems empty.

- Tried Deauth to client ( with Deauth Module and Recon->Client Options tab) but none of them worked.

After that, i reset the device(Factory Reset). The problem still continues.

What should i do? Any Suggestions?

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I've  given up with Deauth on the nano.

Death was much better on the Pineapple mark 5.

If you a CHEAP solution, I'd suggest buying an "ESP8266" and flashing the chipset.  (4 min job)

Please note use any type of deauth for pentesting only or with the permission of access point owner.

good luck




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