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Do you have Hyperfocus?


Do you have Hyperfocus?  

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Yeah I have a version of it I think. I also have OCD and some really weird things I do compulsively. I have a weird mode I get into when using technology where I can find many solutions to problems. I know it's just problem solving but I swear my mind feels really really different when I'm faced with a tech related issue than a regular life issue. I also get obsessed when coding. It's really hard to explain. I think it's the OCD (of which I've been diagnosed). Or it's just that I'm a programmer. :D

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Here is a fascinating article that was featured on the topstories page of Digg.com a few days ago, which most of you have probably read already but here it is anyway. It talks about the general health problems that geeks tend to have in common as observed by this doctor and ways in which one can help relieve such disorders.


As for myself and hyperfocus, I tend to experience it once I'm consumed in something that interests me. Like playing guitar or working on a computer.

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